If all the buildings in London became mountains..

So we’ve all heard of rooftop gardens but acupuncture-tycoon Zhang Biqing of Beijing took this vision to the next level in the form of a man made mountain summit on the roof of his penthouse apartment. My initial thoughts were; a) only in China.. And b) the questionable stability of the structure.

But then it occurred to that actually, a mountain top would suit a high altitude, windy, exposed.. it’s the perfect micro-climate! Where I strongly disagree with building this structure through underhand means (no matter how impressive) I’m am a big advocate of utilising rooftop space in cities and I think that this particular structure could be adapted in more ways than first perceived. Just imagine, maybe one day London could have mountain tops.. At the very least it would attract Chinese tourists.



How to eat sweets all day and not get fat.

Often, I get sugar cravings so badly that it’s necessary for me to start my meal with a pudding. I just need that instantaneous satisfaction that only pillowy M&S profiteroles with extra melted mars bars or a creamy mountain of raspberry meringue fool can provide before turning my attention to the greater task in hand; proper sustenance I.e. Meat and two veg.

I’m a slave to my sweet tooth, which at its peak, is unadulterated bliss, and at it’s worst, makes one fat. It really is very much like a drug, or at least as close to being a crack whore I ever hope to sail.

Consequently, I often keep a beady eye out for ways to trick my sweet tooth, so you can imagine the possibilities which ran through my mind at the prospect of these miracle berries! In short, berries which make bitter foods taste sweet! Imagine; it could make a lemon dresses salad taste like a bowl of angel delight!!! One could even look FORWARD to the prospect of a salad!

Have a read and let your imagination do the rest


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